Kroger pharmacies offering free delivery in Michigan


Kroger pharmacies recently began offering free home delivery at all of its 104 Michigan stores.

Kroger pharmacies recently began offering free home delivery at all of its 104 Michigan stores.

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The supermarket pharmacy promises to deliver medication within 24 hours of receiving prescriptions. The service is being provided as the result of a partnership between Kroger Co. of Michigan and iOmni LLC. The service is available Monday through Friday.

“If you or your children are sick, you don’t have to travel or take an ill family member to a store location to pick up needed medication,” said Jim Syszkowski, Kroger’s pharmacy director. “The free delivery service allows you to stay home and focus on your health or the health of a loved one."

Kroger and iOmni believe the delivery service will assist customers with mobility issues and those who do not wish to travel during bad weather.

“Home delivery removes the burden from the customers and caregivers,” said Veronica Moyer, CEO, iOmni, LLC. “It is disconcerting for caregivers to try to balance their responsibilities and ensure timely medication fulfillment and disbursement. Both Kroger and iOmni are dedicated to supporting customer physicians and caregivers to reduce customer healthcare costs through timely medication delivery.”

Kroger pharmacies also offer translation services in 15 languages. “Language translation is another way we provide service to all customers to ensure they receive and understand the medications and care they need,” Syszkowski said.


In a recent pharmacy study by J.D. Power, Kroger received above-average customer satisfaction scores for supermarket pharmacies. And supermarket pharmacies received higher customer-satisfaction scores than chain, mass merchandiser, or independent pharmacies.

However, the supermarket pharmacies receiving the best customer-satisfaction scores were Wegmans, Publix and H-E-B. Kroger was fourth highest on the supermarket list.

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