It's time to build the front end: NACDS

The NACDS Marketplace Conference 2007 showcased a slew of new otcs/hbcs. A Town hall meeting discussed how to improve the front end of the pharmacy.

Speaking to a packed room at a town hall meeting at the NACDS Marketplace, held recently in Boston, Bernauer said, "Many retail executives don't relate to how important the front end is to our pharmacy business. There are not very many people who come into our stores to get a prescription who haven't shopped the front end of the store. Start building that relationship with the customer in the front of the store. While the back end-the pharmacy-is growing faster than the front end for virtually every retailer, that doesn't change the fact that the front end is profitable and is so important to building pharmacy business."

Bernauer went on to say that once pharmacies gain a pharmacy customer, that patron is likely to return to buy more items from the front end and become a more loyal customer. "There's a synergy there that works very well for drugstores and makes them unique vehicles," he said. "Supermarkets have figured that out. Once they get their pharmacy going, their health and beauty care [HBC] categories do much better."


In closing, Van Howe said, "It's a big challenge growing the front end at the same rate as the pharmacy. If we focus on the customer, the front end counts will come."

Marketplace newbies

Here's a look at some of the innovative OTCs and HBCs unveiled at the NACDS Marketplace:

Skinny Nutritional Corp. showcased Skinny Water, a flavored fitness water and appetite suppressant that comes in raspberry and lemon.

Beiersdorf brought out Nivea Body Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream and Patches.

Pharmavite extended its Nature Made line with Calcium 750 mg with vitamins D and K; Heart Health Pack, including fish oil, super B-complex, flaxseed oil, CoQ10, and vitamin E; Double Strength Fish Oil; CholestOff Complete; and Genetic Cholesterol Reducer.

Pharmavite also debuted Soy joy Nutrition Bars in apple, berry, mango coconut, and raisin almond.

CurlFriends showcased Cleanse Daily Shampoo, with aloe, vitamin E, and rosemary, and Nourish Rinse Out Conditioner, with seaweed and sea mud.

Dr. Fresh introduced Firefly Baby Wipes that come in a box equipped with a colorful light that flashes for 30 seconds to delight a baby.

Crunchkins launched edible greeting cards for dogs.

Nature's Gate showcased its Rainwater Organics collection of lotions, including Lemongrass Spice, Bergamot Patchouli, Citrus Ginger, and Orange Zest Mint.

Early Detect Inc. premiered the Early Detect Paternity DNA Home Collection Kit. The test uses buccal swabs to collect saliva samples from the inside of users' cheeks.

The Invisible Armor Inc. introduced The Invisible Armor, a nonalcohol-based antibacterial lotion intended to provide four hours of skin protection.