In Depth Perspectives: Skin Care in the Digital Age, Tianeptine Misuse, And More


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The Flawless Fallacy: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Skin Care in the Digital Age

In Depth Perspectives: Skin Care in the Digital Age, Tianeptine Misuse, And More / sosiukin -

In Depth Perspectives: Skin Care in the Digital Age, Tianeptine Misuse, And More / sosiukin -

The rise of social media and influencer culture has led to a rise in body dissatisfaction and has sparked a cultural near obsession with meeting certain standards of beauty—especially when it comes to skin care. But what consumers may not understand about the differences between various skin care products, pharmacists do. Using their expertise and leveraging their high touch point to patients, pharmacists can effectively guide patients toward products that are safe, effective, and address their specific concerns in this new era of skin care.

Tianeptine Misuse Raises Concerns Across US, but is Stigmatizing the Drug Helpful?

Tianeptine, the most recent of what are commonly called “gas station drugs,” has caused both lawmakers and public health officials across the country to sound the alarm due to an increase in adverse events reports. But while many are justifiably concerned about consumers potentially being harmed from using unregulated tianeptine, there are others who fear the negative attention the drug is getting may hurt its future prospects of medicinal use in the US.

Sunscreen Safety: What Every Pharmacist Needs to Know

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 9500 individuals are diagnosed with skin cancer each day, with more than 2 people dying from the disease every hour. Considering that more people in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined, and that 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun, it’s safe to say that knowledge of sun protection is crucial for protecting patients’ health.

In Frankfurt, Pharmacy Takes a Different Approach

Over his years of travel through Germany and Europe, Peter A. Kreckel, RPh, has visited at least a dozen pharmacies. He has yet to meet a male pharmacist. He has also never been to a pharmacy full of the chaos that is typically seen in America at every visit. What truly surprised him on his latest visit, however, were the prices of medications. Learn how pharmacy practice in Germany is entirely different from how it is in the US.

Post–COVID-19 Condition: The Frustrating Fight for Recognition and Treatment

Many people associate COVID-19 with the initial illness—symptoms of a fever, cough, or temporary loss of taste or smell—that prompted stay-at-home orders and lockdowns during the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. Although the public health emergency has since been declared over, for many, the effects of the virus persist. More people are coming forward to recount their experiences with post–COVID-19 condition (PCC), a complex condition where symptoms—more than 200 of which have been identified1—can linger for months, and years, after the initial infection.

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