In Depth Perspectives: Psychedelic Medicine, Scope Creep, And More


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The Psychedelic Pharmacy: A Paradigm Shift in Mental Health Treatment

In Depth Perspectives: Psychedelic Medicine, Scope Creep, And More / Cannabis_Pic -

In Depth Perspectives: Psychedelic Medicine, Scope Creep, And More / Cannabis_Pic -

After the 1970 passage of the Controlled Substances Act, research into the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic medicine was effectively ended. However, it has gained more support over the past several years and certain substances—chief among them MDMA—are now inching toward FDA approval. But what role will pharmacists have to play in psychedelics integration into treatment plans?

How "Scope Creep" Can Save Health Care

In early February, an article published by the AMA made sweeping claims about the role of the pharmacist in the health care setting, framing them as lesser than physicians in their training and expertise. The article argued that “while pharmacists are medication experts, they are not trained to take on the role of primary care physician.” But was that ever the goal?

On the Front Lines: Pharmacists' Role in Combating America's Opioid Epidemic

Data from the CDC showed there were over 109,000 drug overdose deaths in 2022, with nearly 70% due to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. That represents an almost 6-fold increase in opioid overdose deaths in just over a decade. While physicians obviously play an integral part in combating the public health crisis, what about pharmacists? What role do they play in this story?

Enhancing Patient-Pharmacist Relationships Through Conversation

Bruce Berger, PhD, does not like the term active listening. “If it’s listening, it’s active,” said Berger, an emeritus professor at Auburn University in Alabama. Indeed, listening—especially when it comes to patient concerns about medication adherence—is crucial for pharmacists and can make a world of difference in providing quality care.

Chronic Pain and Mental Health: A Compounding Relationship

Like the mental health crisis, chronic pain has gained recognition among public health experts as a significant issue in the US. Compounding these issues is the fact that they frequently occur together. Although the co-occurrence of chronic pain and mental health conditions is a serious threat to patients, there are many ways to foster better health outcomes in this population.

Swipe Right on Wellness: The Rise of Digital Therapeutics in Mental Health

Although their excessive use is often linked to negative health outcomes such as depression and anxiety, smartphones could be exactly what the doctor ordered. That’s the promise of digital therapeutics, which aim to turn smartphones into personalized health care companions with evidence-based apps and programs that address the behavioral dimensions of many diseases and conditions.

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