In An Uncertain Environment, Retaining Talent is Key

Conferences | Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit | <b>Total Pharmacy Solution Summit April 2022</b>

Lisa Faast, PharmD, founder and CEO of DiversifyRx, shared her tips on for employee retention.

On April 30, 2022, Drug Topics® and Total Pharmacy® held the first Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit of the year. The exclusive virtual event featured thought leaders and experts across the independent pharmacy space, with featured sessions focused on leveraging best practices in technology, staffing and retention, point-of-care models, and more.

“As pharmacy owners…we’d love to offer our employees unlimited benefits and unlimited salaries, but unfortunately, we live in the real world where things are restricted,” said Lisa Faast, PharmD, founder and CEO of DiversifyRx, during her presentation. “You have to be able to adjust the benefits—and these benefits are in your control.”

Faast focused her presentation on tips and best practices for attracting and retaining pharmacy employees in the current market—a challenging endeavor, particularly in light of the great resignation.
Watch the full presentation below.