Important Technology Focus Areas for Independent Pharmacies


At the 2019 Pharmacy Development Services Super-Conference, Olivia McGillis, membership executive for Digital Pharmacist, spoke with Total Pharmacy™ about how technology can enhance the patient experience and why it’s important for independent pharmacies to have an online presence.


It’s so crazy how many different things are actually out there, in terms of technology, that independents can specifically focus on. I think of myself obviously as a consumer, I have prescriptions, and I’m thinking of ways that can make my life a little bit easier as a patient. And the first thing that comes to mind for me is going to be easiness, accessibility. And what that means to me is refilling my prescriptions on the go, letting me know when my prescription is ready for pick-up via call or text, going online and being able to refill my prescription with the click of a button or straight from the pocket of my phone. Just constant engagement, communication with my pharmacy, so that I don’t get busy signals or I don’t have to call into my pharmacy and be put on hold for 10 minutes. We just kind of have adapted to this day and age where we’re used to certain convenience and the different things out there are honestly endless. But I think the main thing in terms of technology that independents should be focusing on is going to be their online presence. Because right now, in this day and age, if you’re not online you’re basically not there. So, websites, apps, IVRs, marketing, I mean it’s endless.

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