Importance of Third Party Certification in Cannabis-Infused Edibles


Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust, explains the importance of TraceTrust as a third-party certification of cannabis-infused edibles.

Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust: It definitely starts right there: so, what am I getting, how is it supposed to be used? Whether that is taken [or] ingested, whether it’s inhaled, whether it’s put on topically. It’s a lot unknown. Yes, people have been getting high for a long time on THC and cannabis, but this is moving into this health and wellness. And also, we have an amazing amount of new technology with extraction methodologies that really are making it so much easier to create a sublingual that and nano and emulsified and isolating specific characteristics and different strains. So, all of this is unknown to the regular general public and these are the same people that want a higher quality product, that really want full transparency and really want to understand it already are used to looking for certain third-party certification. In the same way, the retailer also has a set of standards and third-party certifications that they use to bring in any new vendor or supplier

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