Homeopathic firms hope to capitalize on OTC withdrawal


Makers of homeopathic products push their cough and cold remedies in the wake of the withdrawal OTC cough and cold products for infants.

Homeopathic manufacturers are attempting to make hay out of the recent voluntary withdrawal of OTC cough and cold medicines for infants. For instance, Hyland's Inc., maker of homeopathic remedies, held a press teleconference to discuss the safety of homeopathic cough and cold products for babies and young children. Timothy Fior, M.D., a family and homeopathic physician based in Chicago, stated, "I treat infants and children with coughs, colds, and flu on a daily basis, especially in the fall. I've found homeopathic remedies are a very safe and effective way of treating children with these problems, even children under two years old. One of the advantages I've seen of using homeopathic remedies is that in treating people who have recurrent coughs, colds, and flu, we find that with homeopathy, the frequency and severity of these cough, colds, and flu can actually decrease over time."

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