HHS wants your comments on antiviral use for flu pandemic

The feds have issued two guidances related to the use of drugs for the influenza pandemic.

The Department of Health & Human Services has issued two proposed guidances about the use of drugs during an influenza pandemic. One relates to antiviral drugs < http://aspe.hhs.gov/panflu/antiviraluse.html>, the other is about antiviral drug stockpiling by employers in preparation for an influenza pandemic. HHS is now interested in receiving comments about the two documents. Deadline for comments is July 3. In a response to the proposal, Trust for America’s Health, a nonprofit group whose mission is to protect the health of every community, said that it is unreasonable for the government to expect businesses and individuals to shoulder the costs of a pandemic outbreak without the assurance of equal access to key prevention strategies, like antivirals.

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