Hair coloring has drugstores seeing green

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Hair coloring has drugstores seeing green

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As demographics change, so does a category's focus. The nation's teen population is growing faster than any other group, a fact not lost on hair care manufacturers. This year's big hit, hair coloring, taps into the style consciousness of Generation X and Y men and women as never before. In the past six months, hair color items accounted for 117 of the nearly 300 hair care introductions. And established brands, like Clairol and L'Oreal, are introducing strong color lines—Herbal Essence and Open, respectively—to target this youth market.

Sales of the subcategory as a whole grew 5.3%, and drugstores lead all other outlets in the hair coloring category. However, both food and mass outlets are gaining ground at the expense of drugstores.

OutletSales (000)Change %Outlet ShareChange %
Food stores310,200+10.522+1

Men's hair color is behind a great deal of category growth. Over the past two years, the men's side of the business has been growing twice as fast as the women's market. Sales of men's hair coloring products have reached $200 million, showing no signs of declining any time soon.

Blonde's popularity

Is it true that blondes have more fun? More than 40% of those who color their hair are willing to bet they do. The popularity of blonde shades has spread to—and is driven by—the age 16-24 male market. According to a survey by Teenage Research Unlimited, 63% of teen boys said that dyed hair is cool. Thanks to popular personalities like Eminem and baseball's Mike Piazza, teens are seeing the people they admire going blonde. And in typical teen fashion, they are consciously copying the style.

New items

L'Oreal and Clairol, manufacturers that have catered to mature customers, are trying to make inroads with teens and young adults. L'Oreal's Open line, containing 24 SKUs, and Clairol's Herbal Essence line have debuted with huge marketing budgets. These manufacturers hope to position their products as market leaders among the young who use hair coloring to make a fashion statement. Teens also feel that hair coloring makes them look and feel better about themselves.

Another established name, Revlon, has introduced its High Dimension line to compete with Feria and L'Oreal's new Open line. High Dimension is the first 10-minute color on the market and is available in 24 vibrant shades.


We merchandise hair coloring in brand blocks that follow the manufacturer's number codes. In larger sets, we include a variety of brands to offer customers the best selection and a substantial number of new products. In smaller sets, we pare down the subcategory, focusing on the best-selling line and filling in the gaps with top sellers and product introductions from other brands. This strategy enables retailers to specialize in one brand while still providing the most popular shades of other brands.

We place a small number of men's hair coloring items in the hair care department. However, the bulk of men's coloring products are merchandised on the shelves of the men's shaving & grooming department. These products include men's blonde shades from Feria and Herbal Essence.

Hair coloring is an important subcategory for drugstores. Stay in-stock on a variety of products, and keep your shelves well merchandised. Your customers will appreciate the options.



Large Dept.

Medium Dept.Small Dept.
Linear Feet242010
Number of SKUs807028
Estimated Sales per Year$3,300$3,000$1,725
Estimated Inventory Retail$1,120$1,000$470
Retail Inventory Turns333.6



Clairol Xtreme FX Blue DenimBristol-Myers

Clairol Xtreme FX Hot Red

Clairol Xtreme FX PurpleBristol-Myers
Clairol Xtreme FX Smoldering OrangeBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 10 Pale BlondeBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 13 Light Irides BlondeBristol-Myers

Herbal Essence Hair Color 14 Light Golden Blonde

Herbal Essence Hair Color 22 Medium BlondeBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 25 Med Irides BlondeBristol-Myers

Herbal Essence Hair Color 26 Dark Blonde

Herbal Essence Hair Color 38 Bright AuburnBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 40 Bright BurgundyBristol-Myers

Herbal Essence Hair Color 42 Deep Auburn

Herbal Essence Hair Color 44 Deep RedBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 45 Auburn BrownBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 46 Copper BrownBristol-Myers

Herbal Essence Hair Color 48 Radiant Burgundy

Herbal Essence Hair Color 48.5 Deep Intense CoppBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 49 Deep Intense RubyBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 54 Light Golden BrownBristol-Myers

Herbal Essence Hair Color 56 Light Brown

Herbal Essence Hair Color 60 Med Golden BrownBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 61 Bronze BrownBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 63 Med Rich BrownBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 65 Deep Bronze BrownBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 67 Deep Rich BrownBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color 70 Bright BlackBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color XL2 Extra Light BlondeBristol-Myers
Herbal Essence Hair Color XL4 Ex Light Cop/BldBristol-Myers

L'Oreal Excellence Cream 4RB Dark Red Brown

L'Oreal Excellence Cream 4RR Intense Deep BurgL'Oreal
L'Oreal Excellence Cream 5RR Intense Cop/RedL'Oreal

L'Oreal Excellence Cream 6RR Intense Auburn

L'Oreal Excellence Cream 7G Dark Golden BlondeL'Oreal
L'Oreal Excellence CreamlightsL'Oreal
L'Oreal Feria 82 Iridescent BlushL'Oreal
L'Oreal Feria 92 Iridescent BloomL'Oreal

L'Oreal Feria 102 Iridescent Bliss

L'Oreal Feria Extra Bleach BlondeL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 3W Magic SpellL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 4C CalypsoL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 4G EquinoxL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 4M SolarL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 4N TerrestrialL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 5G OdysseyL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 5K BorealisL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 5M EquatorL'Oreal

L'Oreal Open 5N Atlantis

L'Oreal Open 5R AuroraL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 6C VenusL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 6G OxygenL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 6M OrionL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 6N StellarL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 7C ZenithL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 7G SolsticeL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 7N HarmonyL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 8G CometL'Oreal

L'Oreal Open 8K Osiris

L'Oreal Open 8N AzureL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 9G CelestialL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 9N LunarL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 10G AstralL'Oreal
L'Oreal Open 10N HorizonL'Oreal
Lumina Hair Color 21 Black IrisMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 32 Plum OrchidMaybelline

Lumina Hair Color 36 African Violet

Lumina Hair Color 40 Flowering MapleMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 42 Chestnut PetalsMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 43 Hazelnut BloomMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 44 Autumn BouquetMaybelline

Lumina Hair Color 50 Maple Blossom

Lumina Hair Color 52 Flowering ChestnutMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 53 Amber LilyMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 54 Ginger PetalsMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 55 Cherry BlossomMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 56 Blooming BerryMaybelline

Lumina Hair Color 60 Wheat Bloom

Lumina Hair Color 63 Golden NectarMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 64 Copper PeonyMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 65 Copper CarnationMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 69 Tiger LilyMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 70 Jasmine BouquetMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 71 PassionflowerMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 73 GoldenrodMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color 80 Blond GardeniaMaybelline
Lumina Hair Color Golden HoneysuckleMaybelline

Natural Instincts Exotic Peruvian Fire 83

Natural Instincts Exotic Rio Red Ginger 84Bristol-Myers
Natural Instincts Exotic Burmese Ruby 85Bristol-Myers
Nutrisse Hair Color 92 ChardonnayMaybelline
Nutrisse Hair Color 94 ApricotMaybelline
Nutrisse Lightening KitMaybelline
Revlon High Dimension 01 Ult/Light/Nat/BlondRevlon

Revlon High Dimension 02 Ultra Soft Blond

Revlon High Dimension 21 Bright BlackRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 22 Mahogany BlackRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 35 Velvet BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 40 Dark BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 44 Dark Copper MahogRevlon

Revlon High Dimension 45 Burgundy Brown

Revlon High Dimension 50 Medium Brown

Revlon High Dimension 54 Bronzed BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 55 Medium AuburnRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 56 Auburn BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 58 Med Golden BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 60 Light BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 61 Light Cl BrownRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 66 Light AuburnRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 70 Dark BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 74 Bark Copper BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 80 Medium BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 83 Medium Gold BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 83 Rich Gold BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 90 Light BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 92 Very Light Cl BlondeRevlon
Revlon High Dimension 96 Light red BlondeRevlon



Use this never-out list to monitor your in-stock condition. The items listed account for more than 50% of the dollar sales in the hair coloring subcategory. An out-of-stock on any of these items represents a significant loss of sales.

____ Clairol Frost & Tip Blonde

____ L'Oreal Frost & Design Kit

____ L'Oreal Preference 5 Medium Brown

____ Nice n Easy 98 Extra Light Brown

____ Nice n Easy 122 Black

____ Nice n Easy 124 Blue Black


Sandra Levy. Hair coloring has drugstores seeing green.

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