Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Finalist Spotlight: Family Pharmacy


Sue Peippo, pharmacist and owner of Family Pharmacy of Pottsboro, is a finalist for this year's Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year.

Since Pottsboro is a very small town, we know who may have lost a job or have been furloughed.

When customers come in, we know them by name. We probably know 90% of our customers when they walk through the door.

Due to COVID, we started our delivery service we do a once a week delivery service. The drive thru has been amazing because we had to shut our front end down when COVID hit but we were still able to take care of all of our customers through the drive thru some patients that come through the drive thru, we're actually the first face that they've seen in a couple of weeks.

We've offered to get groceries, go to the grocery store, just checking on people, and making sure that everybody's okay, we're all in this world together. We will do what we need to do just to help each patient because they are so important to us.

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