Gold Standard buys R.Ph. intervention system


Gold Standard has acquired the Clini-Doc product line from Pharmaconomics, a firm that specializes in quantifying the economic impact of pharmacy interventions. Clini-Doc is a comprehensive clinical intervention documentation and reporting system for pharmacists and healthcare institutions available on-line and for Pocket PC and Palm PDAs. There's more info at

Lab specimen

Quest Diagnostics has become the first laboratory company to connect to SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Network. Quest's Care360 physician portal has now established a direct e-connection to the majority of U.S. retail pharmacies. To date, more than 85% of U.S. pharmacies completed the testing and certification process to connect to SureScripts. One-third are live on the firm's network.

MedicTag has introduced a digital USB device that stores personal and medical information for quick retrieval in an emergency. Clipped on a key chain or neck lanyard, the small device can be plugged into a laptop or PC for instant access to critical information, including medications. A Spanish version is under development. The upstate New York company's Web site is at

Cell phones on ICE

It sounds like an urban legend spawned and perpetuated by the Internet, but it's true that paramedics want folks to put their cell phones on ICE by designating an in-case-of-emergency contact phone number. The idea came from a paramedic in Cambridge, England, who tired of trying to find whom to contact when injured patients could not give him this information. A warning that an e-mail about ICE contains a virus that is making the rounds is a hoax, according to

Stay alert

Pharmacists and other first responders can now download complete guidelines for treatment of biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiation exposures to their Palm or Pocket PC PDA. The download is available free of charge from the Illinois Poison Center's Bioterrorism Resources. The URL is

Long Range plans

Long Range Systems has extended its line of commercial paging solutions with the introduction of Butler II. The battery-powered device is designed to help smaller businesses improve operations and customer service. Available in a one- or five-button configuration, Butler II allows cashiers to signal for change, price checks, or security and permits customers to request assistance. And clerks stocking shelves can monitor deliveries at the back door. The price is as low as $125 per device depending on volume. The Web site is at

Check it out

PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals has completed the infrastructure of an on-line Rx tracking system. The Pedigree Security Network will give customers the ability to authenticate products they purchase from the Oklahoma City drug firm. Customers will be able to go to the Web site, scan a drug's bar code, and print a secure pedigree. Down the road, PD-Rx plans to build an RFID system to store additional data and security options.

Scaling new heights

Innovation Associates has launched PharmASSIST Robotx, the first scalable automated Rx dispensing system. Users can configure the Robotx to fit their Rx volume with up to 140 dispensers. The system also integrates with dispensers from an existing PharmASSIST SmartCabinet or Symphony+ System. For more information, go to

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