Flip the Pharmacy Award Winners Recognized for Pharmacy Transformation Excellence

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The awards recognize the teams, coaches, and pharmacies that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to transforming community pharmacy practice.

Garner, North Carolina—Flip the Pharmacy, the multi-year practice transformation program dedicated to helping transform community-based pharmacies across the nation, announced the winners of the 2023 Flip the Pharmacy Awards. The awards, sponsored by RxSafe, recognize and celebrate teams, coaches, and pharmacies that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to transforming community pharmacy practice.

The Flip the Pharmacy Award winners for 2023 are:
Team of the Year: Team Maryland
Coach of the Year: Kelly Kent from Team Iowa
Pharmacy of the Year: Briargrove Pharmacy in Houston from Team Texas
Most Transformed Pharmacy of the Year: Livingston Pharmacy in Clairton from Team Pennsylvania

"The dedication and passion displayed by our Flip the Pharmacy award recipients are exemplary and worthy of recognition,” said Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA, director of practice transformation for the Flip the Pharmacy program. “From Team Maryland's collaboration, to Kelly Kent’s coaching excellence, to Briargrove Pharmacy's commitment to workflow innovation, and to Livingston Pharmacy's impressive transformation, these are shining examples for others as they start, or continue, their transformation journey with Flip the Pharmacy."

The Flip the Pharmacy program has over 1400 community pharmacies that have engaged in practice transformation, which are supported by 541 pharmacy coaches from 74 local Flip the Pharmacy teams.

William Holmes, founder and CEO of RxSafe, emphasized the importance of innovation in community-based pharmacy practice, stating, “RxSafe is proud to support the 2023 Flip the Pharmacy Awards. These awards recognize and celebrate the innovations that are helping community pharmacies adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. We congratulate all the winners and their dedication to transforming their practice toward patient care and advancing pharmacy practice.”

In addition to sponsoring the 2023 awards, RxSafe is a proud sponsor for multiple Flip the Pharmacy teams in 2022 and 2023.

“The Flip the Pharmacy awards showcase the incredible work being done in community-based pharmacies to transform practice beyond filling prescriptions to caring for patients”, shared Kelly A. Brock, PharmD, executive director of the Community Pharmacy Foundation. “These outstanding award recipients have embraced the challenge and are setting new benchmarks for excellence.”

Flip the Pharmacy is a national initiative aimed at advancing community pharmacy practice, enabling community pharmacists to play an even more significant role in patient care, and improving health outcomes in communities across the United States. The program works collaboratively with pharmacies, coaches, and teams to implement innovative practice changes, leveraging technology, and focusing on patient-centered care.

With support from CPF, the Coordinating Center for Flip the Pharmacy has developed Change Packages and a wide array of support materials for four progressions: Hypertension, Opioid Management, Immunizations/COVID-19, and Diabetes/Social Determinants of Health. These resources include best practices and workflow innovations that support practice transformation. All Flip the Pharmacy materials and resources are publicly available to any community pharmacy that is interested in transforming their practice and can be accessed at www.flipthepharmacy.com.

For more information on the Community Pharmacy Foundation and Flip the Pharmacy, view the rest of the press release here.

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