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When they work perfectly, most of us don’t think very much about our eyes. However, dry eye syndrome can make our lives miserable. Signs and symptoms of dry eye can include burning, stinging, or a scratchy feeling in our eyes. At times, our eyes may be irritated, red, and sensitive to light. Some dry eye sufferers may have difficulty wearing their contact lenses.

When customers are on the look out for a solution to this common ailment, the following products can help provide relief.

Allergan has released Refresh OPTIVE Advanced Lubricant Eye Drops to provide relief from dry eye symptoms. The artificial tear formula hydrates the eye’s surface cells, lubricates the eye, and prevents natural tears from evaporating with a lipid enhancement. While customers who use the drops on a regular basis should see their eye doctor for stronger treatment options, Refresh OPTIVE is safe to use as often as needed. Refresh OPTIVE also comes in a preservative-free formula that offers the same benefits.

Dry eye relief is at hand with Alcon’s Systane ULTRA Lubricant Eye Drops, also available in a preservative-free formula. The drops use polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol as lubricants to provide relief for the burning and irritation common to dry eye sufferers. ULTRA drops come in a 10-mL bottle as well as a special “Home and Away” pack that comes with a 10-mL bottle to keep at home and a 5-mL one to take on the go.

Are your customers suffering from overworked eyes and looking for relief?  Bausch + Lomb’s Soothe Tired Eyes Lubricant Eye Drops can bring relief. The formula contains glycerin, which won’t cause eyes to blur, and provides quick moisture. Customers can also get long lasting relief with the Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops – Long Lasting formulation. For customers looking for relief from common eye irritants such as pollen, foreign material, and chlorinated water, Bausch + Lomb’s Advance Eye Relief Eye Wash can provide relief. The Eye Wash’s purified water can be used as often as needed and can be used with or without the provided sterile eye cup.

Customers looking for eye health supplements can look to Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels, DHA, and Omega Vision. The Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels contain wild Arctic cod oil and is flavored with lemon to help prevent a fishy aftertaste. Three soft gels can be taken daily with food.  The DHA soft gels are made with deep sea fish oil and strawberry flavored to prevent aftertaste.  The soft gels are smaller than other DHA supplements, making them easier to swallow. Unflavored, the Omega Vision tablets contain omega-3s, lutein, and zeaxathin, which can help provide relief from common eye discomfort symptoms and provide protection against ultraviolet light.

Earwax blockage

Some customers may seek relief from earwax blockage, one of the most common ear problems that physicians see. Customers with earwax blockage may complain of hearing problems, dizziness, ear pain, itching, or plugged ears.

Customers with earwax buildup can find relief with either the ACU-Life Ear Irrigator or the ACU-LIFE Earwax Removal Syringe. Both feature a tri-stream tip to direct the cleaning fluid to ear canal walls, a flared design to prevent inserting past a safe space, and an exit portal to allow for fluid draining. The Ear Irrigator also comes with 4 ounces of a saline solution.

Prestige Brand’s Debrox Earwax removal kit uses a carbamide peroxide microfoam solution to help remove earwax buildup and then a rubber bulb syringe to irrigate the foam after the application of the peroxide solution. The solution is gentle enough to use twice a day for up to 4 days. Customers should see their doctor if their earwax buildup continues to be problematic after the fourth day. For customers who’ve already bought the kit or own a rubber bulb syringe, the solution is available on its own as Earwax Removal Aid.

Customers looking for relief from pressure changes on rollercoasters or airplane cabins can use EarPlanes by Cirrus Healthcare. EarPlanes are pressure-regulating ear plugs made up of two parts: a silicone ear plus and a ceramic pressure regulator. The earplug provides an airtight seal. The pressure regulator is exposed on one end to the external air pressure and on the opposite end it’s exposed to the sealed part of the air. As the pressure changes, the pressure differential changes causing the air to move in and out of the ear canal. EarPlanes are available in adult and children’s sizes.

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