FDA to pharmacies: Don't dispense Scientific Laboratories products

Because Scientific Laboratories' products are not approved or have not met good manufacturing practices, FDA is barring them from being sold.

Pharmacies that are currently selling products manufactured by Scientific Laboratories should discontinue dispensing them immediately. That’s because the Food & Drug Administration has obtained a permanent injunction barring the company from selling its products. The reason? The products are either not approved by the FDA or have not met good manufacturing practices. Scientific Laboratories offers prescription cough and cold products, including B-Vex Suspension, Ben-Tann Suspension, D-Tann Suspension, D-Tann AT Suspension, D-Tann CT Suspension, D-Tann DM Suspension, D-Tann HC Suspension, Dur-Tann DM Suspension, Duratan DM Suspension, L-All 12 Suspension, Nazarin Liquid, and Nazarin HC Liquid.

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