Drug discount program expands in New Jersey


Community Health Care, a center in Bridgeton, New Jersey, serving 43,000 uninsured and underinsured patients at 18 sites across the state, is teaming up with SunRx to expand its pharmacy services to include more 340B program patients.

As a result, Community Health Care, which serves 43,000 patients at 18 sites across southern New Jersey, recently began working with SunRx of Mount Laurel, N.J., to handle the 340B paperwork and operations. The community center also contracted with three Shop Rite Pharmacy locations to fill those prescriptions, an expansion from using only one local pharmacy as was the practice in previous years.

SunRx's third-party solution qualifies the patients eligible for 340B and automatically refills the prescription when the drug is dispensed. "We are tracking the drug to make sure it gets to the right patient at the right time," said Jeff Rollins, chief marketing and sales officer for SunRx.

With its new ability to provide drugs for 340B-eligible patients, Community Health Care hopes to help many more patients. "Too many patients are unable to afford the medications our doctors prescribe," said Gil Walter, CEO of Community Health Care.

Recently SunRx also expanded its 340B services to include hundreds of children's hospitals across the nation, providing low-income and underserved children with increased access to prescribed medications.

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