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Delivering on the promise of good health

Every day, patients trust us with their health. Helping them achieve good health and wellness is what drives each and every one of us who work at Dr. Reddy’s.

These simple words describe the deep-rooted belief that lies at the core of all that we do: ‘Good health’ has always been our goal and ‘can’t wait’ speaks to our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients and accelerate access to medicines. What we do to be true to our belief and to achieve our purpose is driven by five promises.



Our Promises

  • Bring expensive medicine within reach

  • Address unmet patient needs

  • Help patients manage disease better

  • Ensure that our medicines are available when and where needed

  • Work with partners to help them succeed

Guided by empathy and the dynamism to solve the most difficult challenges, we strive to make good health accessible and affordable for everyone.

The reason we are able to do this is because we manage the entire value chain - from producing the active ingredients to developing formulations to distributing them over our streamlined supply chain.

What we’re doing to make good health possible

As a leading generic pharmaceutical provider in the United States, we are determined to meet the needs of our patients and partners by resolving challenges that only few can. So we work diligently and urgently to uncover new opportunities and effective solutions for good health.

Our strength in the generics business is a direct result of our research expertise and development capabilities in the field. Every year, more than 10% of our revenue is reinvested - right back into R&D - to broaden our product pipeline and diversify our therapeutic offering. Our growing portfolio and pipeline spans across major therapeutic categories including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, pain management, oncology, anti-infectives, pediatrics, and dermatology and are available in a variety of forms including tablets, capsules, injectables and topical creams.

Our in-depth knowledge of regulation and intellectual property also helps us bring high-quality, regulatory-compliant medicines within reach.

How far we have come

At Dr. Reddy’s, we don’t see medicines as just molecules, but as tools that help people get back to health and promote wellness. It is part of an exciting, yet complex journey that began three decades ago and continues to fuel our growth today.

We are part of a global, vertically integrated, pharmaceutical company with four finished-dosage facilities servicing North America. Our three businesses - Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients, Global Generics, and Proprietary Products - provide a broad selection of products and services including branded products, generics, APIs, biosimilars, differentiated formulations, and custom pharmaceutical services. Today there are millions of people who have benefitted from the medicines we have made.

As emerging formulations and advanced therapeutics become available in the future, Dr. Reddy’s and its subsidiary, Promius Pharma, will continue to build one of the most expansive offerings in the industry and bring value to the pharmacy and its customers. Each of us is driven by the urgency and belief that good health can’t wait, and we are committed to improving access to medications across the United States.

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