Do loyalty programs boost drugstore sales?


Drugstore customers who are rewards program members are more likely to have spent more money in the past six months than those not involved in a rewards program, according to a new on-line survey conducted by Maritz Research for Maritz Loyalty Marketing.

The study was conducted with 2,178 respondents 18 years and older who made a purchase in the six months prior to the study from at least one of 11 retail categories, including drugstores. For the purpose of the study, rewards programs are defined as programs a company offers that award its customers "points" for purchases or other behaviors that they can later redeem for cash back, discounts, gift certificates, merchandise, or travel.

The study looked at two types of rewards program memberships: Store or membership rewards programs and private-label or co-branded credit cards.

Other retail categories examined in the study ranged from grocery to home improvement.

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