Differentiating Your Pharmacy


In this clip, Harshav Raval, PharmD, RPh, owner of Hickory Pharmacy in East Windsor, NJ, discusses how to differentiate pharmacies in services and resources. 

Harshav Raval, PharmD, RPh: Some of the ways that I differentiate myself from other pharmacies or even other businesses is getting actively involved in the community and getting involved with different healthcare providers, health systems as well. And being a beacon of resource for those individuals is the biggest thing that can differentiate us from any other pharmacy. We want to be able to be a resource that doctors come to and say that, “hey I can trust that pharmacist [or] that pharmacy with my questions, because I know that he will either treat the patient correctly, he will educate the patient correctly, and he’ll make sure that the follow-up is done so that the patient’s goals are met. And in today’s day and age, where things are so busy, it’s important to slow things down and get involved in the community.

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