Diabetes Management at Rainbow Drug Store


"To treat patients with high blood pressure in our store, we have a blood pressure monitoring system where they can come in at any time check, their blood pressure, and there’s a card that goes with it that keeps a record of it. They can access it online, they can take that to their doctor and show that they’re managing their blood pressure. For diabetic patients, we have meters, test strip, all – you know – everything that the diabetic patient needs. A lot of times, there’s just an education issue and we take the time to go over their meter with them, how to use it properly, if the battery’s bad, we’ll replace the battery for them. If the meter’s bad, we assist them in getting a new meter, all that kind of stuff to just make sure they’re care of. A lot of times, they don’t know that the error code means, so there’s a lot of assistance to the patient and we do that all the time. We have patients come in for that, so just that personal service really helps out and the patients really appreciate it."

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