Dexcom G7 Receives FDA Clearance for Patients with T2D and T1D


Dexcom expects the device to launch in the United States early next year.

The FDA has given clearance to the Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitoring system for use in type 1 and 2 diabetes in all patients aged 2 years and older.1 The product is expected to launch in the United States in early 2023 and Dexcom will offer accessible cash payment options to ensure patients can transition to the new system as insurance coverage switches over.

In addition to features already included with Dexcom G6—such as no fingersticks, glucose readings sent every 5 minutes, and predictive low alert—users will get a host of new features that includes:

  • 30-minute sensor warmup, which is the fastest available
  • Simplified mobile app
  • Improved alert settings
  • Less waste because of smaller plastic components
  • A 12-hour grace period to replace use sensors

The company is also working with insulin pump partners to ensure that automated insulin delivery systems can be used with the G7 as soon as possible.

In a release from Dexcom, both diabetes patients and health care providers noted that the clearance would lead to improved care for patients. “It’s small, non-intrusive and has been the biggest part of my diabetes journey,” patient Zac Harmon said. “It feels like it was made just for me, so I can focus more on what’s really important in my life.”

While Thomas Grace, MD, a primary care physician in Findlay, Ohio, added that, “the integration of Dexcom Clarity into the mobile app provides easy access to retrospective insights about a patient’s glycemic management during in person or telehealth appointments. With its exceptional accuracy and ease of use, I’m confident G7 will be a game changer for my patients.”


1. Dexcom G7 receives FDA Clearance: the most accurate continuous glucose monitoring system cleared in the US. News release. Dexcom. December 8, 2022. Accessed December 8, 2022.

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