December Month in Review: Top Stories on Drug Topics®


Take a look back at our most popular news from December 2022.

Did you miss the top stories on Drug Topics® this month? Catch up on these noteworthy stories today.

10. Pharmacist Involvement Has Positive Impact on Patients Receiving Gender Affirming Care

Pharmacists can optimize medication adherence and serve as an additional touchpoint for patients during treatment.

9. Impact of Pharmacy on COVID-19 in Rural Nebraska

Sydney Kirkpatrick, PharmD candidate, shares how pharmacy helped ease the burden of COVID-19 in rural areas of Nebraska.

8. As Direct-to-Consumer Companies Grow in Popularity, Their Efficacy is Questioned

Direct-to-consumer companies attract attention on social media, but are they as effective as traditional healthcare services?

7. Addressing Barriers to MOUDs Faced by People in Incarceration

Haylea Hannah, MSPH, PhD, discusses her research on the barriers to medications for opioid use disorder that people who are incarcerated can face and what pharmacists can do to address the barriers.

6. Co-Administering Influenza and Shingles Vaccines May Reduce Vaccine Uptake for the Next Flu Season

Although it’s safe and recommended to co-administer these shots, research finds a reduction in flu vaccine uptake the following year.

5. Legislation Must Control Drug Prices and Support Innovations like Biosimilars

The US biosimilar landscape is changing, and legislation may be the key to controlling drug prices and advancing the market.

4. Research Praises Shingles Vaccine Efficacy

The shingles vaccine appears to confer long-term immunity, according to research.

3. Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy Through Culturally Competent Care

Providing culturally competent care is one way pharmacists can help improve vaccine uptake in their communities.

2. 2022 Pharmacy Salary Survey

Job satisfaction is down and workplace stress is on the rise.

1. Pharmacists Take Charge During an In-Flight Medical Emergency

A group of pharmacists rose to the occasion to help a man having a medical emergency aboard a recent United flight bound for Newark, New Jersey.

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