CPESN Names Winners of 2023 Luminary of the Year Award

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This year's Luminary of the Year award winners were announced at the NCPA 2023 Annual Convention and Expo.

Cary, North Carolina—CPESN USA, a clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy networks created to advance community-based pharmacy practice, announced the winners of the 2023 CPESN® Luminary-of-the-Year Award, sponsored by Prasco. CPESN Mississippi lead luminary Bob Lomenick and CPESN NYC lead luminary Roger Paganelli were recognized during the Second General Session of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) 2023 Annual Convention and Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Lomenick is the long-time owner of Tyson Drugs in Holly Springs, Mississippi and Paganelli is third-generation co-owner of Mount Carmel Pharmacy in the Bronx along with his brother, Armand. Both CPESN leaders have been instrumental in the success of the national network in addition to leading their respective local networks.

Lomenick and Paganelli were selected from dozens of nominations from across America. Nominations were reviewed and voted on by a team of national CPESN luminaries. Recipients were selected based on efforts and results in recruiting pharmacies, inspiring others, and working with payers to showcase the value of CPESN pharmacies.

“As the CPESN Luminary-of-the-Year Award sponsor, we are pleased to recognize and congratulate this year’s winners, Bob Lomenick and Roger Paganelli,” said Kevin Naylor, vice president, sales operations for Prasco. “The Prasco team is proud to support CPESN USA’s mission to aid in the financial stability of community-based pharmacies through fostering patient-centered enhanced services.”

“Since the beginning of the CPESN movement back in 2017, our luminaries have been the lifeblood of our success. They volunteer their time and work tirelessly to transform healthcare through their actions,” said Joe Moose, PharmD, director of strategy and Luminary programs for CPESN USA. “We boast over 300 of the country’s most innovative pharmacy owners as luminaries and Bob and Roger are two of the very best. They have been lighting the path and leading the way.”

Lomenick serves as a member of the CPESN USA Board of Directors, the CPESN USA Executive Committee, and is the chair of the CPESN USA Payer, Partner, Purchaser Committee. For the CPESN Mississippi network, Lomenick helped launch the network back in 2017 and has served as the network’s lead luminary and representative to the CPESN USA Board since that time. He has been instrumental in the growth of CPESN Mississippi to nearly 60 pharmacies.

Paganelli serves as a member of the CPESN USA Board of Directors, the CPESN USA Executive Committee, and serves the CPESN USA Payer, Partner, Purchaser Committee. He is also a board member for the CPESN NY network. For the CPESN NYC network, Paganelli helped launch the network back in 2018 and has served as the network’s lead luminary and representative to the CPESN USA board throughout. His passion for his fellow NYC pharmacy owners has helped him grow the network to over 150 pharmacies, making it one of the five largest CPESN networks in America.

CPESN networks continue to expand across the country with 49 local networks in 43 states plus the District of Columbia. Over 8,500 pharmacy providers have emerged and joined the movement to provide patients, physicians, and payers with enhanced medication-use and patient-care services that have been proven to improve patient health and lower health care costs.

To learn more about CPESN, visit cpesn.com.

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