Complying with DSCSA Now and in November 2023


With a little over a year until Drug Supply Chain Security Act deadline, knowing how things will change is important.

At the October 22, 2022, Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit, Josh Potter, Director of Compliance at PRS, and Jim Shaver, Director of Operations at Advasur, discussed Drug Supply Chain Security Act, which isn't completely understood by 95% of independent pharmacists and only 8% are actively preparing for. Potter discussed what drugs are covered by the act as well as offered a brief overview of the main elements of the Act: authorized trading partners, product identification, product tracing, product verification, detection and response, notification, wholesaler licensing, and interoperability.

Addressing the pharmacist that aren't actively preparing for the act, Shaver said, "It will be very important that pharmacies, especially independent pharmacies, are attending webinars like this or listening to their buying group, listening to their wholesalers, listening to their compliance consultants and so forth, to make sure they do understand what requirements are actually coming down the line, and also make sure they're compliant with today's requirements."

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