Company unveils packaging technology to pharmaceutical firms


Entropy Solutions Inc. launches product at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting

A Minnesota company has debuted an environmentally friendly packaging technology that officials predict will drastically reduce the amount of drugs that go bad during shipping. Entropy Solutions Inc. of Minneapolis launched its GREENBOX at ASHP's 42nd annual Midyear Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas, showcasing the technology that keeps temperature-sensitive drugs and blood supplies at consistent temperature levels for up to five days during shipping. Entropy's president Eric Lindquist said the technology can help customers save up to 65% annually on shipping costs and reduce the amount of drugs that spoil during the shipping process (an estimated $3 billion annually). GREENBOX also helps cut down on the amount of packaging materials that end up in landfills, he said. Entropy's solution features a plastic corrugated box to ship medicinal products (similar to the plastic mail bins found in post offices) and liquid-filled plastic squares that freeze and thaw according to temperature changes. The solution also includes panels that protect the drugs from external temperature extremes. In addition, the box can be reused, enabling companies to meet state- or federally mandated "green" initiatives, Lindquist said.

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