CMS extends deadline for Medicare form


CMS extends deadline for using new Medicare form

Due to a printing error for form CMS-1500 (08-05), which is to be used for filing Medicare claims, CMS has announced that it will continue to accept the older version of the form past the original April 1 deadline. Form CMS-1500 (12-90) was recently revised to accommodate the introduction of the National Provider Identifier number. Previously, CMS had insisted that CMS-1500 (12-90) would be rejected after April 1. The old version of the form contains "Approved OMB-0938-0008 FORM CMS-1500 (12-90)" on the bottom (typically in the lower-right corner). On properly formatted CMS-1500 (08-05) forms, there will be approximately a one-quarter-inch gap between the tip of the red arrow above the vertically stacked word "CARRIER" and the top edge of the paper. If the tip of the red arrow is touching or close to touching the top edge of the paper, then the form is not printed to specifications.


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