CLEARinse to Release a Second-Generation Nasal Aspirator



DENTON, TX (June 23, 2019), business investor and incubator pNeo LLC, today announced the upcoming release of a second generation CLEARinse nasal aspirator. CLEARinse is a nasal irrigation and decongestion device, suitable for all ages from birth. This new version utilizes a universal serial bus port (USB) to charge the unit, thereby removing its dependence on mains-based power. This greatly increases the portability and application of the product through the obsoletion of its charging station and its ability to be used globally without any power adaption.

Co-Founder and Executive Officer, Charlotte Wenham stated: “We have great expectations on an international scale for CLEARinse. Not only do we anticipate a surge in interest from new users across the globe, its increased compactness and portability underscores its benefits to travelers as well. In addition, from a convenience standpoint, every user, whether domestic or international, gains the ability to push power to CLEARinse through a USB charging port and take advantage of new power management standards like quick charge and reduced charging time.”

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