CHPA study: OTC decongestant is effective


A new meta-analysis conducted by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) shows that phenylephrine, a popular decongestant in OTC cold and allergy remedies, is effective at relieving nasal congestion. The results confirm the assertion by the FDA on the efficacy of phenylephrine at a 10-mg dose. Commenting on the study, Linda Suydam, CHPA president, said, "Phenylephrine has been relieving people's congestion for decades, and this meta-analysis reaffirms that. The FDA has ruled that phenylephrine is safe and effective based on its own thorough review; we now add this critical meta-analysis to its files to further support that ruling." The meta-analysis refutes the contention that phenylephrine in its 10-mg dose does not provide effective nasal decongestion. Last July, a Florida pharmacist made that assertion in a letter to the editor of a medical journal. He since has called on the FDA to raise the standard dose to 25 mg and require further studies of the higher dose's safety and efficacy.

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