CDC's flu vaccine performance is mixed

Some pharmacists think CDC is doing a good job selecting the right strain for the flu vaccine, others don't think so.

Are the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and vaccine manufacturers doing enough to ensure that the influenza vaccine contains the best choice of virus strains from year to year? That was the question Drug Topics posed in its online Instant Poll last month. While 30% of respondents said Yes, CDC is doing a good job, following close behind were 28% who said No, flu vaccine development seems to be a “guessing game,” since it is based on last year’s influenza activity. Then there were 22% who said CDC does a good job, but they wish that thimerosal is removed from all flu vaccine products, and 18% who feel that CDC should do more to track flu activity patterns, not only domestically but also internationally from year to year. Finally, 2% of respondents said there is not enough oversight of flu vaccine development. Some 172 people responded to this poll.

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