Cancer Prevention Coalition seeks cancer warning on cosmetic talc powder products

The Cancer Prevention Coalition is urging the FDA in a petition to put a cancer warning on cosmetic talc powder products.

The Cancer Prevention Coalition has submitted a petition to the Food & Drug Administration seeking a cancer warning on cosmetic talc powder products. This updates scientific information detailed in a November 17, 1994, citizens petition which was denied by the FDA. It also documents prior knowledge of the FDA and industry about the cancer risks of cosmetic talc. The scientific basis of the 2008 petition is detailed in 11 reports in leading national and international scientific journals. These document the increased risk of ovarian cancer ranging from 30% to 60% from genital dusting with talc powder. In view of the strength of this evidence, a 1999 publication by a leading national expert urged that "formal public health warnings" be made against the genital use of talcum dusting powder.

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