Atlanta-area pharmacies get generators


A civic group has collaborated with Georgia Power and Home Depot to provide price discounts on emergency generators to pharmacies in the community of Buckhead, Georgia.

Key Points

An Atlanta-area civic group has arranged significant discounts so pharmacies can buy generators to ensure the flow of pharmaceuticals is not interrupted during power failures or natural disasters. The group, the Buckhead Coalition, is partnering with Home Depot and Georgia Power Company to subsidize generator purchases so that area pharmacies will have the electrical power needed to dispense medications during service disruptions.

"There are 22 pharmacies in the Buckhead community, but almost half did not have generators when the initiative started, and this was a danger we could not tolerate," said Sam Massell, former Atlanta mayor and president of the coalition. According to the American Pharmacists Association, about 32,000 Buckhead residents use prescription medications and 6,500 prescriptions are dispensed daily.

Under the subsidy program, Georgia Power offers grants of up to 70 percent and the coalition offers 5 percent grants for the generators. Equipment bought through Home Depot is discounted 20 percent, providing savings totaling as much as $7,300. Only pharmacies in Buckhead qualify.

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