Abbott, WeightWatchers Launch App Integrating FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM Data


Abbott and WeightWatchers, also known as WW, have released a new, connected app aimed at helping individuals with diabetes understand how food and activity can impact their blood glucose levels, according to a press release from Abbott.1

People with diabetes who use Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) system and who are WeightWatchers members who follow the WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan can now access their CGM data within the WW app.

“Clinical data shows that healthy weight loss leads to a reduction of average glucose which is important for people living with diabetes,” said Mahmood Kazemi, MD, chief medical officer for Abbott’s diabetes care business. “Abbott and WeightWatchers both have a long history of helping people live healthier lives.”

“WeightWatchers is the #1 doctor recommended weight management program, and our WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan has been proven to reduce members hemoglobin A1C by 0.76, and decrease diabetes distress by 9.8%,” added Gary Foster, chief scientific officer at WeightWatchers. “Together, our 2 trusted brands are helping people living with type 2 diabetes better understand and manage their chronic condition, and gain control of their health while still enjoying the foods they love.”

According to the CDC, more than 37 million Americans have diabetes; approximately 90% of those individuals have type 2 diabetes.

The strategic partnership between Abbott and WeightWatchers was first announced on August 4, 2022.2 A press release announced that the companies would be working together “to integrate WeightWatchers’ diabetes-tailored weight management program with Abbott’s portfolio of FreeStyle Libre products to create a seamless mobile experience that will give people living with diabetes the information and insights needed to make healthy adjustments to their diet, improve their glucose levels, and, ultimately, gain more control of their health.”

In a 2022 interview published by Abbott,3 Lynne Lyons, senior manager of medical engagement at Abbott and a registered dietician nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, explained the importance of weight management specifically for individuals living with diabetes.

“Extra weight can contribute to insulin resistance,” Lyons said. “This in turn makes diabetes harder to manage and may necessitate starting or increasing diabetes medications, like insulin. For people with pre-diabetes, weight loss of 7% to 10% is effective in preventing the progression to type 2 diabetes, and for people living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, weight loss can lower cardiometabolic risk factors.”

The WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan, designed by a team of nutritional and behavioral science experts, is intended to help people with type 2 diabetes meet health goals and create lasting change.

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