5 Service Offerings to Implement in your Pharmacy that Connect to OTC Sales


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With the challenges of prescription reimbursement decline and PBM plan steering diversifying your business is critical to success. To become an asset outside of Rx dispensing you need to implement front-line education, screening, and testing options in your store. This utilizes the strength of your relationships, education, and accessibility as a community pharmacy. Although challenging to implement into workflow it can have greater return if you connect relatable cash-based sales to your new service offerings. Below are five feasible services you can focus on and ways to connect revenue to the interaction.

  1. Point-of-Care Testing- Becoming CLIA waived and offering front-line testing options at your pharmacy is a necessity. If you are hesitant to pull the trigger because you don’t see enough ROI create a Recovery Kit or end cap dedicated to OTC sales, connected to the test you are offering.They are in your store because they don’t feel well. Leverage product lines that help with (hydration, nausea, immune support, sleep, and energy) Don’t tell them they are sick and watch them leave to order supplies from Amazon. Convenience and knowledge lead to high margin business.
  2. Fall Risk and Cognitive Screenings- Cognition and movement are two critical components to keep geriatric customers in their home. This has to do with safety and offering screenings that can identify red flags and product solutions keep you safe and happy at home. Your DME and vitamin section will see lifts in sales when connecting appropriate solutions to a huge problem. These products will enhance your customers’ quality of life and keep the cost of inpatient care to a minimum.
  3. Diabetic Education- Diabetes patients are in dire need of education on their condition. There are so many avenues to travel down to provide value to a profitable patient base. Product and supplies training is at the core of what you should be going over, however you can create a robust diabetic OTC section. It starts with gaining their trust and then providing solutions that help keep them comfortable and balanced.
  4. Nutritional Counseling- Becoming a trusted resource on functional health and diet has opportunity in your Pharmacy. Communities around the nation lack face to face interaction with professionals that can explain how dietary habits impact wellness and vitality. Once you identify the gaps you can offer vitamins and supplements that address any deficiencies that they aren’t willing to address through diet. This is recurring revenue if the proper need is identified and addressed.
  5. Med Reconciliation Services- It is so easy to get confused after discharging from the hospital with new medication changes. This is one of the leading causes of readmission upon discharge. Letting the Discharge Planners at the community hospital know you are willing to provide med rec and packaging will develop a value-based funnel to your pharmacy.With the major chains discontinuing their packaging services you can position yourself as the “adherence champion” in town and charge for packaging services. During the Med Rec you can address any nutrient depletion opportunities and add vitamins to the packaging. It is reasonable to add a Professional fee to the packaging service.

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