2022 May Be Turning Point for Biosimilars in US


A new report by Cardinal Health includes research findings on insulin biosimilars use among retail pharmacists and physicians.

Cardinal Health recently published its 2022 Biosimilars Report, which include insights on where biosimilar adoption stands today in the U.S. and what is expected in 2022 and beyond as biosimilars come to market in key disease categories such as diabetes and immunology.

The report, 2022 Biosimilars Report: The U.S. Journey and Path Ahead,1 is a publication that includes latest industry data on biosimilar utilization and payer coverage with survey data from healthcare providers, and views from leading physicians and experts on biosimilars.

“2022 is set to be a turning point in the U.S., as biosimilars expand into new therapeutic areas and sites of care, and reimbursement models continue to evolve,” said Heidi Hunter, President of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, in a news release. “Our new biosimilars report demonstrates that, while market challenges remain, most healthcare providers have a strong interest in using biosimilars to broaden patient access and drive more affordable care for their patients.”

The report features data from biosimilar surveys with more than 320 oncologists, 100 rheumatologists, 100 retina specialists, 50 endocrinologists and primary care physicians treating diabetes, and 115 retail pharmacists, conducted in 2020 and 2021.

Among the featured research are results from a new insulin biosimilar survey with retail pharmacists showing that only about 40 percent feel very prepared to discuss biosimilars with patients. In addition, only 20 percent say they are very familiar with the FDA’s interchangeability designation, which enables them to substitute insulin biosimilars in place of reference biologics, indicating a significant need for further education among pharmacists.

The 2022 Biosimilar Report also includes:1

  • U.S. biosimilar adoption and market share data
  • A synopsis of key biosimilar milestones in 2021
  • Payer coverage trends of biosimilars by therapeutic area
  • The pipeline of biosimilars expected to launch in the U.S., 2022-2029
  • Five biosimilar predictions for 2022

This article originally appeared on Managed Healthcare Executive.


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