Author | Gabrielle Ientile, Assistant Editor


Study Identifies Biomarkers for Metformin Response in Patients With Diabetes

September 21, 2020

The study marks the first pharmacoepigenetic study in diabetes evaluating epigenetic factors as biomarkers to predict a drug’s effects on an individual.

Study Evaluates Famotidine Use in Hospitalized COVID-19

September 21, 2020

The study evaluated COVID-19 patients within the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

FDA Approves New Doses of Dulaglutide for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

September 08, 2020

Approval was based on a phase 3 clinical trial comparing the investigative doses with the approved 1.5 mg dose.

FDA Removes Boxed Warning for Amputation Risk From Canagliflozin

August 27, 2020

The removal of the boxed warning from canagliflozin was based on the FDA’s review of new data from 3 clinical trials.