Who is registered to handle controlled substances?

Here is a look at the health professionals and companies authorized by DEA to handle controlled substances


Who is registered to handle controlled substances?

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, there are more than one million individuals–physicians, pharmacists, and others–registered under the Controlled Substances Act. DEA registrants, including individuals and businesses, are authorized to handle controlled substances. As of February 2004, DEA reported that it had 1,139,768 registrants on the retail level and 11,725 on the wholesale level, making a total of 1,151,493 registrants. The table below shows the breakdown.

DEA maintains up-to-date databases of registrants. These databases are available from the National Technical Information Service as monthly and quarterly subscriptions. For more information, visit www.ntis.gov/products/types/dea/index.asp .

Retail-level registrants

Retail pharmacy



Teaching institution417

Mid-level practitioner


Wholesale-level registrants


Analytical lab



Narcotic treatment program

Source: DEA

Judy Chi. Who is registered to handle controlled substances?

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