Two identical everolimus-eluting stents are approved


Both stents are designed to treat coronary artery disease.

Abbott claims that its just-approved everolimus-eluting stent, XIENCE V, has demonstrated superiority over Boston Scientifics paclitaxel-eluting stent TAXUS based on two randomized head-to-head clinical trials. But Boston Scientific executives aren't worried. That's because the Natick, Mass., firm is also launching an everolimus-eluting stent, called PROMUS. In fact, PROMUS is a private-label form of XIENCE V and, as such, the two are identical. Boston Scientific is able to distribute PROMUS thanks to a deal it signed prior to its 2006 acquisition of the former Guidant Corp. Both XIENCE V and PROMUS are designed to treat coronary artery disease by propping open a narrowed or blocked artery and releasing the anti-rejection drug everolimus in a controlled manner to prevent the artery from becoming blocked again following a stent procedure. Industry experts have forecasted that stent prices will come down thanks to the introduction of these competing products.

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