Synchronized meds boost patient adherence, pharmacy efficiency


With the industry changing from a pill-centered model to a patient-centered model, med sync becomes more important than ever.

Results from an Arkansas study show that medication synchronization, the alignment for simultaneous monthly pickup of all a patient’s prescriptions, increases the likelihood of medication compliance among patients while streamlining pharmacy workflow.

Medication adherence

Between May, 2014 and May, 2015, the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), the Arkansas Pharmacists Association, and the medication software provider PrescribeWellness studied patients of 82 independent Arkansas pharmacies for health benefits gained from an appointment-based model supported by the StarWellness med sync software. Their study of nearly 4,300 StarWellness users (and more than 17,000 control patients) found significantly improved medication adherence.

More efficient workflow

Pharmacies participating in the NCPA study realized increased efficiencies by switching pharmacy workflow from a manual to an automated method and by proactively filling scripts. According to NCPA, med sync can reduce pharmacy hours by around 10 per week and increase prescription volume by about 30%.

Grace Gavin“Because these pharmacies are taking a proactive approach, they are able to identify patient needs ahead of time and are able to order more according to their needs,” said Grace Gavin, product marketing manager for StarWellness. “It also frees up time, allowing pharmacies to focus on other additional clinical services.”

As well as synchronizing meds so that patients pick up all their prescriptions on the same day each month, StarWellness allows pharmacists to schedule appointments with patients. “They can identify any therapy lapses or conduct comprehensive medication reviews,” Gavin said.

“The reason med sync is so important is that the industry is changing from a pill-centered model to a patient-centered model,” Gavin said. “Outcomes-based care is going to be the future of pharmacy.”

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