Ranexa's mechanism of action added to drug label


Ranolazine label has been updated to reflect the drug's mechanism of action

New information that helps elucidate the mechanism of action of ranolazine extended-release tablets (Ranexa, CV Therapeutics) has been added to the drug's prescribing information. Published data suggest that the medication works by inhibition of the excess sodium that flows into cardiac cells through sodium channels during an ischemic event. This inhibition has been shown to improve the mechanical and electrical function of the heart. Without inhibition, excess sodium can lead to a subsequent overload of calcium that interferes with proper contraction and relaxation of the organ. Ranolazine is currently indicated for the treatment of chronic angina in patients who have not achieved adequate response with other antianginal medications, and should be used in combination with amlodipine, beta-blockers, or nitrates.

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