Pharmacists' role in cellular detoxification


cellular detoxification


Pharmacists'role in cellular detoxification

Chemicals. Metals. Viruses. These toxins may be present in patients, but they can be eliminated from the body by cellular detoxification. So claims Allen Kratz, Pharm.D., president of HVS Laboratories, a Naples, Fla., firm that manufactures homeopathic cellular detoxification products.

Kratz believes that the misuse or overuse of antibiotics has led to chronic viral conditions in some patients. Patients with these conditions as well as overweight individuals and those who do not exercise or digest their foods properly may benefit from detoxification, he said.

"My sense is that primary cellular toxins, such as certain heavy metals and a variety of environmental chemicals, can compromise many cellular systems. They bind essential enzymes, affect electron transport cascade, and hinder DNA repair mechanisms–all leading to premature aging," Kratz explained. He advises patients to detoxify and cleanse their body and then to become more aware of the need for good nutrition.

"Once the body has been cleansed at the cellular level, the patient must then rebuild with nutrition and lifestyle changes. The pharmacist can play an important role in this process," he said.

To begin detoxification, HVS offers a program that pharmacists can administer, called Partners In Wellness. It consists of three specific dispensing "Paks"–the Primary Pak, which prepares an individual for detox; the Protocol Pak, for cellular detox; and the Preserve Pak, a maintenance program.

Another product, Detox OS (organs and systems), is intended to provide initial clearing of the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system and to prepare the body for detoxification. "The reason we cleanse when we start detox is that we want to make sure the kidneys and liver and lymph system can handle the toxins that are released," explained Kratz.

Yet another HVS product, Biosode, is intended to support cell regeneration. It is recommended that patients take Biosode for 48 days during the whole protocol. Biosode, which the company formulated in 1981, contains CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, and Sam-e, which, Kratz pointed out have become very popular nutraceuticals

HVS’ Adaptosode and Adaptosode R and R (rest and relaxation) are two components of the primary pak that are intended for patients who don’t necessarily want to detox but who want to feel less stress and feel more energy.

The Protocol Pak, a 48-day program of cellular detoxification, releases toxins through the excretory systems. "We tell people to keep their fluid volume up in order to minimize any releasing response from this detoxification," said Kratz.

Several of the formulations in the protocols contain homeopathic forms of specific toxins, such as aluminum, mercury, and lead, which stimulate the body to release these substances energetically at a cellular level, Kratz said. "The pharmacist may need to explain the homeopathic principle of ‘like cures like’ to the patients, and this is the reason the HVS products are available only from pharmacies," he noted.

HVS provides pharmacists with information about homeopathy, and the company has two Web sites for consumers and pharmacists. Their addresses are and

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Sandra Levy. Pharmacists' role in cellular detoxification.

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