New Jersey pharmacists create think tank


Tired of watching the profession react instead of act? A group ofNew Jersey pharmacists has created a think tank to generate ideasabout how to move toward payment for medication therapy management(MTM) services.

The think tank, Pharmacy Roundtable Network (PRN), has about two dozen members who believe the profession's future lies in getting the rest of health care and the payers to wake up and smell the MTM coffee. Even though they are the drug experts, pharmacists are woefully underutilized, and patients and the healthcare system are paying the price of forcing pharmacists to keep pouring, counting, licking, and sticking.

Founded as a research company by Garden State Pharmacy Owners (GSPO), PRN was organized last year but is just now getting under way, according to Steve Brandt, R.Ph., GSPO executive director. Members can be from any pharmacy setting or even pharmacists from areas outside of the profession-including academia, law, the pharmaceutical industry, government, or elected officials. What they have in common is a desire to move pharmacy toward providing MTM services and getting paid for it.

For more information about the PRN think tank, phone (201) 712-1499.

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