NAMAPA Announces New Medication Access Network Aimed at Partnering Advocates with Patients


Charlotte, North Carolina, February 14, 2023—The National Association of Medication Access and Patient Advocacy (NAMAPA) announced today the launch of its newest access advocate network. The Medication Access Network brings together healthcare advocates across the country and throughout various disease states with patients who need assistance navigating through the medication access journey. The medication access journey is not only cumbersome and overwhelming for the healthcare providers who navigate this daily, but it is even more daunting for patients. These patients are not only trying to comprehend their diagnosis, but also trying to understand their insurance and the associated costs of their prescribed therapy. This program provides patients with an experienced advocate, at no cost, to help them understand the process and answer any questions they may have.

Positive Customer Impact
To demonstrate the need and positive impact of this program, a few patients have already experienced positive outcomes working with their Medication Access Advocate when it comes to obtaining access to their prescribed medications at an affordable cost. Even though prescribers and advocates within the providers office navigate this process daily, sometimes patient involvement is needed to demonstrate to the insurance companies that a prescribed treatment is both medically necessary and necessary for their quality of life. Additionally, there are times when an explanation is needed by both the provider's office and the patient to the insurance company that they do in fact as an insurance, cover the medication for the patient’s diagnosis as defined in the policy criteria. That is where the Medication Access Network can assist patients by giving them a voice to advocate, alongside their providers, for access to prescribed therapies at an affordable cost.

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