Drug Topics Announces Strategic Alliance Partnership With RPhAlly


Drug Topics® today announced it added RPhAlly to its Strategic Alliance Partnership (SAP) program.

“We are excited about working with RPhAlly as a partner to amplify availability of news and information by pharmacists for pharmacists to help the pharmacist community,” said William Mulderry, vice president, group publisher of Drug Topics® and Total Pharmacy®. “In a constantly changing health care environment, RPhAlly’s format as a social media community dovetails with the long-established position that Drug Topics® holds with pharmacists around their professional development.”

RPhAlly is an exclusive app-based platform for pharmacy professionals across the country. Its growing community includes engaged pharmacists seeking to advance their careers and the practice of pharmacy through support, education and opportunity. Within the mobile app, members can access a directory of colleagues, a lively discussion forum and pharmacy groups populated by peers.

“RPhAlly is uniting pharmacy through SEO: support, education and opportunities. We recognize that partnering with other champions of our profession is essential to reaching and benefitting as many colleagues as possible,” said Kevin Walker, co-owner and chief strategy officer at RPhAlly. “Drug Topics® is an established and trusted name and has consistently shown a genuine commitment to supporting pharmacy. Our partnership will help to catalyze the collaborative efforts required to address the significant concerns of our profession."

The Drug Topics® SAP program is a community of health care associations, societies and advocacy groups that foster collaboration and an open exchange of information among trusted peers for the benefit of patients and their families. These strategic partnerships aim to heighten Drug Topic®’s ability to distribute useful information and diversify the perspectives available to the patient-facing pharmacist universe.

About RPhAlly

RPhAlly is focused on uniting and advancing the world of pharmacy. Our profession is at a critical juncture and needs to come together more than ever to create the future we all want, and patients deserve. Our platform was created for exactly that purpose. A place to support each other, educate and grow, and expand our opportunities to improve health care. Our thought leaders are here to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians advance together, and we need you here to reimagine the profession and make it happen.

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