CPhA rallying support for provider-status bill

California Pharmacists Association urging pharmacists to support provider-status legislation (SB 493) in the California State Senate.

As a bill that would create provider status progresses through the state legislature, the California Pharmacist Association (CPhA) is urging pharmacists to email legislators voicing their support of it.

The bill, sponsored by State Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), was last week unanimously approved by California’s Senate Appropriations Committee. The full Senate is expected to vote on it this week.

“As all pharmacists know, pharmacists are largely underutilized in the healthcare system considering their level of training expertise,” the CPhA Action Alert read. “The pharmacy provider status bill, SB 493, is making progress in the Legislature and is up for another vote soon. We need as many pharmacists as possible to get in touch with their legislators to ask for their support of this bill.”

The bill would authorize pharmacists to administer drugs and biological products. It would also expand the duties pharmacists in California can legally perform, including furnishing self-administered hormonal contraceptives, prescribing smoking cessation drugs, and prescribing medications not requiring a diagnosis that are recommended for international travelers.

The bill also authorizes pharmacists to order and interpret tests to monitor and manage efficacy and toxicity of drug therapies, to administer vaccinations, and establishes board recognition and training requirements for an advanced practice pharmacist with expanded functions.