CPESN Shares Payer Success Stories


CPESN payers and their success stories.

John Ohrtman, CPESN South Dakota: Our goal and hope for year 3 is that with pharmacist intervention, we will be able to lower a patient's risk of having a cardiovascular event, stroke, heart attack.

Matt Mitchell, CPESN Ohio: I think these opportunities really encompass what CPESN is trying to demonstrate. That’s community pharmacies can provide value-based patient care services, make a significant impact on the health of patients, and provide those at scale with our entire CPESN network, remaining financially sustainable with reimbursement for those services.

Roger Paganelli, CPESN USA: I think it's important to note that CPESN pharmacies throughout the country administered over 5 million vaccines, over 5.5 million vaccines

Sirisha Kandi, CPESN Texas: A win/win for community pharmacies and communities.

Randy McDonough, CPESN Iowa: He realizes with his pharmacy benefit that his employees are getting better services, better care, and they're getting it at a reduced cost.

Joe Moose, CPESN North Carolina: I think the most exciting thing about it is 1 word. We're helping them lead with these quality metrics. We have 99% of the state of network adequacy. So, they see our footprint across the state as being meaningful and achievable to get results.

Staci Hubert, CPESN Nebraska: Not only are we trying to have the better health care for our patients in Nebraska Total Care, but also show value by saving Nebraska Total Care and Medicaid money.

Lindsay Christensen, CPESN Minnesota: The goal is to show a positive impact on medical spend, both Medicare Part A and B, and be able to tie those savings directly back to the interventions that pharmacists make with their patients.

Tripp Logan, CPESN Missouri: If you partner with pharmacies, then what you can have is hands-on support to help patients with chronic conditions improve their outcome.

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