Calling all history buffs


Test your knowledge of pharmacy history. Questions drawn from February 10, 2016 160th Anniversary issue of Drug Topics.

Calling all history buffs

To commemorate the 160th anniversary of Drug Topics, we have created the following contest for you pharmacy history buffs.

Hint: The answers to the quiz can be found within the Special Anniversary issue.

Three winners will be chosen at random from the group of correct entries to receive $50 VISA cards.

UPDATE 3-23-2016: The quiz is now closed. Our thanks to all the readers who participated. We will publish the answers and the names of the three lucky winners in the March issue of Drug Topics.


1. The first American apothecary set up shop in 1605. This medical provider came from which
European country?

A. England

B. The Netherlands

C. France

D. Spain

2. In 1769, the first pharmacist in the Americas was licensed in what U.S. city?

A. Boston, Mass.

B. Kingston, N.Y.

C. Philadelphia, Penn.

D. New Orleans, La.

3. Which company transformed the practice and business of pharmacy with its first standardized
pharmaceutical extract, Liquor Erogtae Purificatus?

A. Parke, Davis & Company

B. E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

C. Eli Lilly and Company

D. Pfizer Inc.

4. Which drugstore introduced the malted milkshake?

A. Happy Harry’s

B. Black Rock Pharmacy

C. Walgreens


5. In 1955, which academic institution created the first 6-year PharmD program?

A. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

B. The University of California, San Francisco

C. The Ohio State University

College of Pharmacy

D. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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