Albertsons Expands Genetic Testing for Mental Health


Albertsons is expanding its partnership with Genomind to offer patients genetic testing to guide mental health medication management.

Mental Health

Albertsons is expanding its partnership with Genomind to offer patients genetic testing to guide mental health medication management.

Specially trained pharmacists in all ACME pharmacies in Pennsylvania and select Albertsons pharmacies in Idaho can now offer Genomind Professional PGx Express™, a comprehensive genetic testing service to guide mental health medication management.

In May 2018, Genomind and Albertsons Companies announced their initial partnership, which included 28 pharmacies across the country. The expanded partnership includes 59 stores nationwide.

Genomind’s Professional PGx Express–available by prescription only–identifies patient-specific genetic markers that can better inform mental health treatment decisions.

Patients’ test results are bundled with a suite of services that are designed to foster a collaboration of care between the patient, prescriber, and pharmacist, according to a Genomind.

Pharmacists will also have access to G-DIG™, Genomind’s proprietary software system with updated information on how drugs may interact with patient genotypes as well as with other drugs.

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“Our expanded partnership with Albertsons Companies fully engages a new ally for patients in accessing mental health resources: the pharmacists,” Shawn Patrick O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer at Genomind, said in a statement. “Pharmacists serve the front lines of medication management, and this joint effort enables a coordinated team of clinicians, pharmacists, and pharmacogenomics experts to quickly and thoroughly address patient needs.”

Here’s how the genetic testing works: Pharmacists who have observed a pattern of unsuccessful experiences with prescribed mental health medications can provide the patient with free educational materials on integrating Genomind Professional PGx Express into their treatment plans.

With the patient’s permission, the pharmacist can coordinate with the patient’s health care provider to order the test and help administer the non-invasive cheek swab in a specially designated area of the ACME pharmacy. Within 3 days of receiving the sample, Genomind will provide the pharmacist and ordering clinician with a results report for variants from a 15- or 24-gene panel that can impact mental health treatment.


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